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6 Piece Miniature Gnome Set

6 Piece Miniature Gnome Set

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What a fun way to add a gnome to your patio, porch, sun room or wherever!  This miniature 6 peice set is perfect to add to your gnome collection.  All miniature pieces in the set come separately so you can create your own story, and then create another and another! The set comes with:

  • 🤎 Two miniature gnomes (approximately 2" tall)
  • 🍄 one mushroom gnome home (approximately 4" tall)
  • 🍄 one smaller mushroom (approximately 2.5" tall)
  • 🌼 flower planter.        (approximately 1.5"L X .5" H)
  • 🪵 one wooden round base (approximately 4.5" D)

This is a must for the gnome collector in your life!  Gnomes and mushrooms all hand designed. Round wooden base is topped with faux grass and hand made stone path.  

This item is ONLY for display purposes and is NOT intended for children or continuous or rough play.

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