Won't you give a Gnome A Home! 

We here at Miniature Details LLC love finding homes for all of our Gnomes.  Bring one into your home today...

  • Each gnome brings their own individuality as they are unique and one-of-a-kind!

  • Each gnome comes with their own ADOPTION CERTIFICATE and history! (they can coordinate with any holiday/event)

  • Each Gnome made of felt/fabric are handstitched and stuffed with Rice and Poly-fil. (some of our gnomes are made of socks, gloves, or other items and may not be handstitched)

  • Each gnome is stuffed with rice* and/or Poly-fil.

  • We also take custom orders for gnomes. Please email to place your order quickly and efficiently. Please see our custom order policy HERE.


 These are a few of our past custom orders.... 

 Review Comments:

"These are the cutest most unique gnomes I have ever seen!" Darci M.

"The detail is unbelievable! I just love them!" Tammy P.

"I received my gnome as a gift and it was my best birthday gift" Jenna J.

*(our rice is specially heat treated, to be sure there will be no surprise critters emerging from the depths of your gnome.)