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Vintage Style Floral Bookmarks - The "INSPIRATION" Set

Vintage Style Floral Bookmarks - The "INSPIRATION" Set

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Who doesn't love a vintage style book mark?

A sweet treasure for any reader This actual bookmark set is themed "INSPIRATIONAL". Each bookmark is adorned with thought provoking word(s) to help inspire deeper thought.

Measures approx. 2" X 6".  

There are 5 bookmarks in the set: they each have one of these thought provoking words on them:  everything has beauty, Just be You, tranquility, sincerely, a portrait

The Bookmark is made of cardstock and scrapbook paper with hole punch, and added ribbons are strung through the hole punch. The whole punch is secured wth a flower eyelet in a coordinating color. 

These will only add to the happiness you get from reading. Each one in the set is durable, unique and a vintage treasure for all readers!

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