How Spring Colors Effect our Mood!

How Spring Colors Effect our Mood!

Spring is a season where all miniature details come together to rise up our world with beautiful colors inside and out! ITS AN AWAKENING!

Springtime has my favorite pallet of colors! I love to capture those details and focus my miniatures around its beauty.

  • The sea of black raspberry colored creeping phlox flow over landscaping rocks and stone walls.
  • The sunny yellow burst of the forsythia trees!
  • The soft lime green hues that wash over the tree lines as the buds begin to emerge.
  • The sky turn a fresh corn flower blue.
  • Clouds that look like cotton balls fresh from the bag!
  • Candy-colored tulips dance in the breeze
  • The clumps of daffodils remind me of candy corn.
  • Grape hyacinths standing guard in their purple, pink and yellow jackets.

Oh! I can go on and on!

Spring is a great time for creating new stories or awakening the old ones. I like to handcraft those stories into a unique treasure for you to enjoy for years to come.

What do you love about the spring season?

What is it about spring that helps tell your story

The springtime inspires me to create something from nature as I believe the colors and the details of the season lay a great canvas for me to create.


The softer, saturated colors

  • subtle greens as the grass begins to grow
  • lighter shades of blue in the sky
  • the pinks pinks, purples and yellows pop up as the forsythia, tulips and crocus begin to emerge

These colors act as a backdrop to the slightly more intense jewel tones of:

  • hot pink creeping phlox,
  • purples pansies
  • red carnations
  • blue hydrangeas
  • and the darker greens in the shade plants

All of which generate positive emotions.

This is why we smile a lot during the springtime and we want to be outside.  Springtime is awakening our soul and often stirs up our fondest memories. It is a nostalgic time and a time we are comforted by Mother Nature.

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