Your Spirit Animal - How do you know which one is yours?

Your Spirit Animal - How do you know which one is yours?

I have just recently launched my 

Spirit Animal Collection


This Collection has stirred up a little bit of self-wonder...

Well, lets start off by asking:

What is a Spirit Animal?

Spirit Animals refers to the spirit/characteristic of an animal which helps guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person shares or wishes to embody. It is also metaphor, often humorous, for someone or something a person relates to or admires. This definition is noted on

What does a ANIMAL GUIDE symbolize? 

  • Parts of your personality
  • True emotions within you that arise in situations of your daily life
  • Your underdeveloped Sense of Self
  • Successful Skills you have grown into
  • Guidance on your journey through life
  • The soul searching and understanding to your true self

How do I find out which SPIRIT ANIMAL is for me?

Spirit Animals choose you or are chosen for you. You do not pick your own. You can have more than one depending on your journey. 

It is noted that you can google "What is my spirit animal?" and several sites with quizzes will for sure pop up. This is a quick and easy way to discover an answer. However, the answer may or may not be accurate.  I have found those quizzes to be inconsistent, especially when you get the option to "retry" if you don't like what you get! ha ha!

So what is the DYI way of learning who your SPIRIT ANIMAL is?

Here is what I have found to work. It isn't as easy as googling an answer, but I have found it to be more effective...You may want to do one or more of these suggestions at the same time...

1. Go out in Nature for a couple of weeks stretch...

Get out of your house...leave the phone and go for a walk, sit on your deck or patio, be one with nature.  Be aware of your surroundings, look beyond what is in front of you.  Listen to the sounds around you. What animals do you see.  Journal your observations - Do you see or hear any animals? If so, which ones? What were they doing? Do you see any consistent pattern? Are there bunnies in your yard? What birds do you see and hear? Are any of these creatures crossing your path, flying to a near by tree limb looking down on you?

2. Meditation...

Taking time to meditate and be one with your conscious self and allowing yourself to connect with your inner energy may find you the animal that can best support/guide you on the journey your are on.

3. Journaling...

It is just healthy to write your thoughts and impressions down on paper! It allows you to have a different perspective. You can see things differently when in writing.  

Journaling can help release blocks, embrace your journey, and help to reveal your true spirit from within. Learning your inner spirit, will get you closer to connecting them to the characteristics of a specific animal.

4. Dreams...

Everyone dreams. It sometimes takes some practice to remember them, that is the trick.  It also helps to keep a journal beside your bed with a pen or a pencil and as soon as you wake - be it in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, briefly write down your thoughts.  They may not make much sense at first but as you stay consistently with it, thoughts will emerge and begin to make sense. You may also recall a consistent animal or two in your dreams as well. Be sure to take note.

5. Ask those close to you...

They won't be able to tell you what animal you are, but you can ask them about your traits/characteristics.  Learning how others see you through their eyes often opens doors to our own inner self. The deeper  you understand yourself, the more likely you will gain insight to your spirit animal(s).

Lastly, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you gravitate towards an animal(s)?
  • Did you have a special animal when growing up?
  • Is there a particular animal that makes you happy or comforted? 
  • Has there ever been a consistent animal showing up in your life? 

It is important to know that you may have to work all of these options out to become aware of animals that surround you daily. For some it may take a few of the steps or you already know after reading the steps.  It just depends upon where you are in the journey of your own self understanding.

If you aren't finding anything, it may not be time for you to discover your animal guide. Give it sometime, and try these ideas again.

I invite you to check out my "Spirit Animal" Collection - go to the top of my Shop page and click "Collections" or click this link

The idea of having an animal to relate to, or that inspires you, is the intent behind this collection. It is intended for fun and not to be confused with any cultural or Native beliefs. It is also not intended to be interpreted as mockery or ignorance of certain cultural beliefs, traditions, and history.  I uphold the upmost respect for the true meaning of Spirit Animal and recognize its ceremony and meaning (that can vary as well) can be sacred, true and run deep with certain cultures.  I would be honored if my craft were considered a representation of its true meaning. Please note that I do my best to keep the animals in their natural habitat, whether the craft is done in a natural or whimsical way.




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