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"Skate ON!"

"Skate ON!"

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I Fell A Ton, But Still Had a Ton of Fun!!!

This whimsical chair bring back such fun and personal memories of my teenage years skating on a small pond in the woods behind our house in the North East.  We would anxiously wait for the pond to freeze and then all the neighborhood kids would go and play ice hockey, skate and hang out with lots of laughter and fun!  We would end the day with hot chocolate at one of our houses and get excited to do it all over again the next day!  

This chair has a pair of skates, scarf and mittens, lazily draped over the back. It is faux snow covered in just the right spots to look like ice/snow.  A gift is tucked into the corner of a chair for a little holiday spirit. 

This would make a great gift for a skating enthusiast or to bring back a memory of  "ole skating" days and lacing up those beautiful white skates!

The chair measures 9"H X 5"D X 5"W   

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