Miniature Details LLC "Steps to the Plate" on Memory Issues

Miniature Details LLC "Steps to the Plate" on Memory Issues

Coping with Memory Loss is at the heart of Miniature Details, LLC

A memory by definition is: something that is remembered, a recollection, or retained experience.  We rely on our memory for everything. 

To lose it, even partially doesn't go unnoticed.

  • When we are distracted and "forgot something",
  • When it takes a bit longer for something to come to mind. 
  • We are tired and something "slips your mind"

In those cases you often recover, your life isn't altered too much and you move on...but when it is more permanent and you can't remember anything,

It can not only be frustrating, but downright scary! 

  • forgetting where you are
  • not remembering what you just did
  • how to dress yourself 
  • unable to remember the past...

This can be life altering!  It can change the way you proceed in life, how you function and sometimes you are having to rely on others for your safety and well-being.

However, studies show that memories can be triggered by:

  • making a list
  • using sticky notes to write down next steps or how to's
  • journal writing
  • mediation - guided imagery
  • photos of places, events, and people
  • art
  • music

These may not be a cure but can help recover a memory or the feeling of the memory, if only for a moment.

I suffer from short term memory loss, with an undiagnosed cause.  It is believed to be from a few different factors that happened throughout my life. It started right after having heart surgery in 2003, where I could not remember my childhood, growing up and through the birth of my children.  I recovered much of it over time but have still suffered with recall and short term memory.  

I practice and use all the above to create those triggers that I need to function in life.

It is scary!  It is frustrating! It was a lot of work redesigning my thinking! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to redesign my thinking as some aren't able to able to.

A favorite part of my business is the custom work I do to help preserve a memory or special moment for others who suffer or know someone who is suffering from memory loss.  It is an honor for my crafts to serve as venue for remembering a place, event, or memory that they don't want to lose.  

It is said that pictures, photos, and memorabilia, a special song etc. can help to resurface the memory or feeling that was once thought lost. If it is a permanent loss, it still may, at the very least, provide a feeling of comfort. 

I am not a doctor, I am only a crafter where the making of my memory boxes, theme chairs, dioramas and things can help preserve that memory for someone.  

Bringing back that "moment" and preserving it brings me one of my greatest joys!


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