What is a story box and how can it help my child with reading?

What is a story box and how can it help my child with reading?


We all know it is important for a child to have books and to read to them at a very early age, but it is equally as important to start having them tell their own stories.

At about 3-3.5 years your child will begin to tell you stories.  They are able to go through and event, process that event and then put that event into a story.  It may be filled with imagination, not actually happen the way they tell it, or it may just be an accurate story. At that age their brain is capable of putting together a chain of events.  

It is acceptable for their stories to be made up, accurate or a combination of both.  You may find that they talk to their stuffed animal or the family pet telling these stories.  This is such a magical time in a child's reading development.  

  • it helps them to build social skills
  • builds their imagination, creativity, and cognitive skills
  • boosts memory
  • enhances focus, organization skills and descriptive word
  • improves language skills
  • gets them excited for learning and reading
  • increases their vocabulary

I loved bedtime, car rides and rainy afternoons for story telling time with my children.  I would often take a picture page from a book or magazine and have them tell me a story about it.. 

"Story Boxes" - Shadow Box Art is in my shop

The "Story Box" shadow boxes are great way for your child to kick off their stories.  They are fun, can help to strengthen their story telling skills and a fun way for you and your child to connect. 

These "Story Boxes" have an animal or character artfully placed in a setting.  Children can tell adventure after adventure just from one shadow box. 

They come with story starter questions for parents to help guide your child as they strengthen their skill. 

Encourage your child's story telling. It's a super way for your child to connect with you and its super fun...you never know what you are going to hear.  



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